Gmelich leather - Leather of exceeding quality!

Gmelich Leder - Leather of exceeding quality!

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Gmelich leather - leather of exceeding quality  
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Gmelich + Söhne GmbH
Kreuzstr. 65
D-71723 Grossbottwar





2006 The SOLITair stock program will be prepared.

2005 New machines will be acquired: staking machine, measuring machine, setting out machine.

2004 New dying drums and splitting machine

Mr. Volker Nagel (leader of the disposal) will be appoint to the business manager.

Volker Nagel

2002 Initiation of the new toggle dryer and the new finishing line.

2000 The new beamhouse begins to operate.

1998 Along with the company's 75th anniversary ground is broken for a new beamhouse in the industrial park.

1996 The product selection is expanded by various leathers for sports and hiking shoes.

1995 Construction starts for a new shaving facility.

1990 The new dyeing facility and wastewater treatment plant start up, along with a chromium recycling station at the existing beamhouse.

1989 Hermann Zerhusen (61) passes away. His son, Patrick Zerhusen, joins the company as production manager.
Hermann Zerhusen

1988 Construction of a new leather dyeing facility and a wastewater treatment plant.

1978 Expansion of the finishing plant and construction of a rawhide storage facility.v

1971 A new leather finishing plant is constructed at the outskirts of Großbottwar. It opens in time for the company's 50th anniversary in 1973.

1966 Hugo Gmelich, the last founding partner, passes away at the age of 66 years.
Sigrid Zerhusen, Hugo Gmelich's daughter, married since 1955 to master tanner Hermann Zerhusen, takes over management together with her husband. Lasting supply partnerships with the furniture industry are developed.

Sigrid Zerhusen

1949 During the first postwar years production is completely changed. Hugo Gmelich invests in a chrome tannery, such expanding the manufacturing program to include leathers for the garment industry. Initially the company produces split and nappa leathers from cattle hides. Soon overall sales include increasing shares of upholstery leathers due to growing demand in that field.
Hugo Gmelich

1940 Company founder Otto Gmelich (67) passes away. His son Robert dies one year later at the age of 40.c
Robert Gmelich

1938 The first shoe upper leather is tanned.
Otto Gmelich

1923 The merchant Otto Gmelich and his sons, Hugo and Robert, are founding "Gmelich + Söhne" in Großbottwar.
A factory is built immediately following the company's inception. The property was made available by the tanner Carl Gmelich, Otto's father, adjacent to his own tannery and leather store.
The initial production program consists of various leathers, like heel and sole leathers for the shoe industry.

Carl Gmelich


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