Gmelich leather - Leather of exceeding quality!

Gmelich Leder - Leather of exceeding quality!

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Gmelich leather - leather of exceeding quality  
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Gmelich + Söhne GmbH
Kreuzstr. 65
D-71723 Grossbottwar


Where traditional and modern collide

Gmelich + Söhne is producer of the finest leather using hides from South German and Austrian cattle.
These are renowned worldwide as being the superlative raw material for leathers produced from cattle. The stages which change the raw material into the world’s finest leathers are controlled by 130 highly trained and skilled employees. We produce leathers with a delicate scent and luxuriant touch which combine to produce a sensual upholstered environment.

Leather for all senses
Gmelich’s leather is in harmony with the highly discerning demands of the premium class seating industry, covering all the expectations of the home furnishing and the office industries.
Our leathers have broad appeal from the traditional through to avant-garde design with our array of finishes and variations of surface treatments.
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The fusion of tradition and innovation.
Gmelich + Söhne have a long history dating back to 1923 when Otto Gmelich and his two sons founded the company to supply leather to the German footwear industry. Expansion into a chrome tanning facility in 1949 gave Gmelich the tools to expand into the clothing and furniture leather sectors.

Gmelich have continued a pathway of investment and in developing innovative processes which have continually improved the product portfolio and put Gmelich at the forefront of sentimental and sustainable practices.

Stagnation means resignation
In 2011 we moved our warehousing and administration functions from the original premises (see left image) to our expanded tannery in a local industrial park (see right image). This consolidation has made us more efficient and flexible in all our activities, from tanning to customer service.

The human element.
Gmelich continue to invest in plant and equipment providing the most advanced processing and production processing of leather anywhere. But our most important asset is our highly skilled and trained workforce. Gmelich invest a great deal in this the most important element in making high quality leather is the human.
Every day is different which means tiny adjustment need to be made to the process to ensure the customer gets the very best that Gmelich can do each and every day. The machinery aids the production but the artisans control the machinery.

The beginning.
Leather is made using a by-product of the food chain, hides from South German and Austrian Cattle bred for their meat and for the dairy industry. No animal is killed for its hide, only for its meat. Only on the basic of high class raw material it’s possible to produce the fine Gmelich-Leather.
Having taken the hide some 20-35 steps are required to turn the hide into leather.
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