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Gmelich Leder - Leather of exceeding quality!

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Gmelich leather - leather of exceeding quality  
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In our online shop (in cooperation with our partner, the furniture care experts LCK) , you will find valuable products for leather- and furniture care:

Leather does not require special care for normal use. Occasional application of a special-purpose leather conditioner is adequate to keep upholstery leather soft and pliable.

We offer a special care cream for our Nappa leathers. It gently cleans and conditions the leather, freshens its color and protects it from drying out.

Please follow the basic rules below:
• Do not expose upholstered leather furniture to direct sun light.
• Keep the humidity level consistent; do not place furniture directly in front of a radiator, or next to any other heat source like a fireplace, a space heater, etc.
• Never treat leather surfaces with commercial cleaners (dishwashing liquid, all-purpose cleaners, etc.). This will cause permanent damage to the leather (clear coating and protective finishes).
• Do not use solvents, lighter fluid, spot remover, turpentine, alcohol, buffing compound, shoe cream, or similar substances on upholstery leather.
• If in doubt, ask your local furniture dealer for care instructions or inquire directly with the furniture manufacturer.
Remember: Leather develops a natural patina when in use. Do not attempt to "clean" it away.


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