Gmelich leather - Leather of exceeding quality!

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Gmelich leather - leather of exceeding quality  
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Every piece of leather is unique. Many features considered quality flaws in man-made products, add to the individual character of leather and emphasize its true value. Connoisseurs therefore appreciate and look for nature's touch as the hallmark of genuine leather.

Pitchfork Marks
Are acceptable if not excessive and only if well healed, leaving no open tissue.

Manure Marks

Branding marks
When fully healed add to the natural, rugged look of rustic leather furniture. (Often found on North and South American semi-wild cattle hides).
Abscess Marks

Currycomb Tears
Are the sign of well cared for, barn raised cattle and do not constitute a leather defect.
Tick bites
Are tiny dark spots on the leather hide, but not in the overall quality picture. Combined with the right furniture design they make for an interesting surface.v
Thorn Scratches

Fat Wrinkles
Are most visible in the neck area of a hide. They are appreciated and sought after by the connoisseur as nature's testimony to a healthy and well-fed animal.

Horn Rakes
Are the result of light "battle" contact between the cattle and add to the character of a leather hide. They do not diminish the leather's cutting yield.
Husbandry Defects

Surgery Scars


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