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Gmelich leather - leather of exceeding quality  
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Gmelich + Söhne GmbH
Kreuzstr. 65
D-71723 Grossbottwar


We at Gmelich have a Strong Sense of Obligation towards a Clean Environment.
Over the last years we have invested a tremendous amount man-hours along with substantial funds in innovative technology and processes to manufacture leather without impacting health and environment. Leather is nature's product and must be made in harmony with nature.
We are committed to keep the environment clean and our waters contamination free.

Environmentally friendly leather production demands special care and advanced processing technology.

We are committed to adopting the latest production technologies, as they are forthcoming from leather research and development, in order to provide our customers with superior quality leathers now and in the future.

It starts with the raw hide: some 90% of our raw hides arrive fresh and refrigerated. The result is a drastic reduction of salt release into the waste water system. Salt is an inexpensive way to preserve raw hides.
Extended soaking and liming processes allow for a considerable reduction in chemicals.
Deliming is achieved with nitrogen-free substances to protect our streams and lakes from nitrogen and over fertilization.
We strictly avoid the use of genetically engineered enzymes in the bating process.
Our on site wastewater treatment plant purifies production effluents to meet stringent local and federal emission standards.
As a mineral tannery we only use 3-value chrome salts, the ecologically best suited form of tanning, according to current scientific knowledge. Chrome salts are retrieved by our chrome recovery plant and are recycled.
In compliance with German Federal Regulations we have eliminated the use of preservatives containing PCPs as well as carcinogenic AZO dyes.c
All wastewaters containing dyes are cleaned in the mechanic-chemical treatment plant.
Only natural raw materials are used for retannage and fat liquoring procedures.
Water based, solvent free dyes are used exclusively in our finishing operations.
State of the art application technology optimizes the finishing process and greatly reduces the rate of airborne emissions.
Power is generated in house with a thermal heat exchanger.
Regular inspections are conducted to ensure that quality and environmental standards are maintained at all times.

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